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We were saddened to learn of the death of Sgt Lee Hung Cheong李鴻昌(Force No. 18110620) on 02 August, 2019.
Sgt Lee Hung Cheong was enlisted in the Regiment at 1987 (Cadre 44) and served in D Squadron.

Funeral arrangement for last respect only.
Date :  17 August 2019 (Saturday)
Time : 1900 – 2100 hrs
Venue : International Funeral Parlour (address: 8 Cheong Hang Road, Hunghom, Kowloon) 九龍紅磡暢行道8號,303室

To his family, we extend our deepest sympathy.



Following our 1st trial MGTN on Tue 30th July, please note that the 2nd one will be CHANGED to FRI 23rd Aug (between the upcoming Sun 11th Victory Day Memorial & Fri 30th AGM Dinner) as follows:

(1) CCS=Chit-Chat Session (酒鬼會) 530-700pm on cash basis in our Clubhouse;
(2) MVS=Movie Session (電影會) 700-830pm FREE of charge in our Clubhouse too , title for that night being "D-Day" (with a James Bond title as back-up), while BYOS=Bring Your Own Snack is encouraged; and 
(3) BCS=Big Chow Session (大食會) 900pm onwards on cost-sharing basis at nearby 北海中心稻香酒家 (tel.#=8300-8121, reservation under the name of VA). 

              All members, full or associate, are welcome to come to any one OR more of the aforesaid sessions to meet old & new friends! It is hoped that switching over to Friday night

 (probably 3rd one of the month starting with 20th Sep.) will allow more of those still in the workforce (esp those of J Sqn), ladies & associate members to participate.

              As before, although last-minute participants will be equally welcome to the extent sitting capacity permits, intending attendees are encouraged to PRE-REGISTER (with NO obligations whatsoever), by emailing clubmanager (& copying the followig info ASAP: (a) Family Name, (b) Given Name, (c) Sex, (d) Age (optional for females), (e) Last Sqn affiliation (if full member), (f) Occupation (if retired, please so state along with last pre-retirement one).

Joseph Pau Chi-Leung
8th Aug., 2019



Ceremony in Commemoration of Victory Day
at the City Hall Memorial Garden
on Sunday 11 August 2019
Programme Rundown



Notes for Participants and Spectators


Participants arrive at the City Hall Lobby.

Dress: dark lounge suit/regimental blazer with association or regimental tie, medals and beret with cap badge; uniform for serving military and discipline services members.


Participants assemble in front of Shrine.

Spectators be seated.


Wreath Layers be briefed.

Location at the Reception Desk


Wreath Layers form up in front of Shrine.

Wreath Layers will be escorted into position.


Ceremony begins with ‘Two Minutes Silence’.

Spectators are requested to stand.


Bugler sounds 'Last Post'.


Spectators are requested to remain standing.  Those with head gear will salute.


Laying of wreaths by Official Representatives individually.

Spectators be seated.  Piper will play a few laments.


Laying of flowers by Veterans, members of the Veteran Associations and spouses in small groups.

Spectators be seated.  Piper will play a few laments.


Bugler sounds 'Reveille'.


Spectators are requested to stand.


Wreath Layers move off.
Ceremony ends.

Spectators are requested to remain standing while Official Representatives move off.

1200 Leave

Coach standby (at the west side of City Hall behind the No. 13 bus terminal at 12 noon.

Guests & Members to embus (priority given to senior)



URGENT: MGTN pre-registration required with limit of 50 persons for Tue 30th July
latest by Fri 26th

Further to the following message (slightly revised)that we emailed 
individually last week to all present & past members with email 
addresses on our record, please note that our CEG has decided that prior 
REGISTRATION in advance for MGTN by EMAIL(in the format specified & to 
the 2 addresses set forth in the 3rd cum last paragraph of this 
supplemental letter), is now REQUlRED so that they can plan accordingly.
For the 6-8pm Chit-Chat Session ("CCS"=酒鬼会)taking place in our 
Clubhouse, being somewhat longer in duration than a typical cocktail 
reception, it is intended that there will be seating for most attendees 
while encouraging constant moving around. Hence, in light of the seating 
capacity of our Club- house, participation each time will be limited to 
50 persons on a first-come (i.e., registering by email as per 
below)first-accepted basis.

Please note too that the timing of the receipt of the aforesaid 
pre-registration,  will also be the priority basis for allocating the 
$20 cash-coupon per person to the 1st 25 persons. Such prior 
registration should be completed latest by Friday 26 (with 
acknowledgement to be emailed back within 2 days).  Intending attendees 
should email to clubmanager with copy to 
the following information:

(a)Participating session(CCS or BCS or both),(b)Family name,(c)Given 
name,(d)Sex,(e)Age(optional for female),(f)Last RHKR Sqn affiliation (if 
any,otherwise state "Associate"),(g)Latest occupation (add "Retired" 
before the last occupation if appropriate).

Joseph Pau Chi-Leung


Dear members,


(1) Please note that, on a trial basis for the coming 3 months of July- 
September, a VA-wide Monthly Get-Together Night ("MGTN"=吹水夜) will be 
held by our Clubhouse Enlivening Group ("CEG") starting with Tue 30th 
July, followed by 3rd Tue of next 2 months (being 20th Aug & 17th Sep., 
respectively).  All members, whether regular or associate, and of 
whatever squadron formerly or other affiliation, are welcome to come 
meet old & new friends!
There will be no admission charges for MGTN., which will consist of a 
Chit-Chat Session ("CCS"=酒鬼会) from 6-8pm with drinks & snacks in our
Clubhouse at the typically favorable standard Clubhouse prices at one's 
own expense on cash basis, and an optional Big-Chow Session ("BCS"=大食会) 
from 8:30pm onwards in a nearby eatery on a cost-sharing basis.

(2) For the 1st occasion on 30th July, at the courtesy of SW Wong of A 
Sqn, each of the first 25 attendees will be given a $20 cash-coupon 
(good for various snacks, 2 soft drinks, 1 beer or part of 1 cocktail) 
for use at the bar on-site that night. For that and all ensuing 
occasions. the leader of our CEG, along with one or more other 
member(s)of that Group, will be there to greet & chat with all comers, 
for comradeship, reminiscence & what have you, so that there should be 
no concern of not having anyone on site to talk to (which some of our VA 
members have complained about their occasional visits to the Clubhouse). 
In particular, they would like to hear about other ideas for enlivening 
our Clubhouse, as well as any suggestions about our VA which they can 
help convey to our Board of Directors.

(3) Moreover, do note that the existing 5 members of CEG include a 
retired American lawyer cum CPA cum business consultant, a former civil 
engineer with a wide-ranging contracting experience, a provider of 
assorted supplies to disciplinary units in HK & elsewhere, an expert in 
a certain sector of education and, last but not the least, a 30-year old 
associate member who is active in the consulate circle in HK, flies 
frequently to Beijing & UK for horse-hockey games as well as war-games 
in exotic places such as Russia.
That last person has also provided on loan a sorely missing airsoft SLR 
to our collection of similar replicas of classic personal firearms. That 
collection,now totaling 31 of perhaps the most classic 38 or so for the 
past 180 years(incl the 3 used by RHKR & its predecessor from 
1954-1995,namely,SLR & SMG & BHP-35 pistol),is permanently displayed on 
wall-racks in the remote corner of our Clubhouse facing the racecourse 
though often overlooked by visitors). The CEG members on site would all 
be happy to share their knowledge of that collection as well as their
life story with whoever caring to do so with them on MGTN.

(4) The aforesaid 5 members of CEG consist of only those from A & C Sqn 
as well as 2 associate members. It is hoped that there will soon be also 
ones from other squadrons or walks of life volunteering as they do to 
join them in that Group, esp those of the former Women's Troop and 
former Auxiliary Air Force who qualify as our regular full members too, 
as well as those of the Police Force who constitute a significant 
portion of our associate membership.
On top of the foregoing appeal for broader representation in the CEG, we 
also appeal here for more sponsorship of MGTN, just as SW Wong has 
offered above, in the form of cash, food items or things for use as door 
prizes or in lucky draws etc. Those interested in responding to these 
appeals are welcome to contact the Clubhouse Manager at, with copy to
Joseph Chi-Leung Pau


Newsletter July 2019

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Notice to all members : -

Forming Up The Club Enlivering Group ( See attachment for details )


We were Saddened to learn of the Death in London of
Major Clive William Baker Oxley OBE ED
on 20 April 2019 at the age of 82

Clive joined the Regiment on 10th June 1972 and served until the Regiment’s disbandment.
He was the Band’s Director of Music and will be remembered for his enthusiasm for improving the Band’s musical standard.
In civilian life he was an Administrative Officer in the Government and over the years undertook a wide range of duties culminating as the Commissioner for Customs and Excise.  In addition he was the musical director for many amateur musical groups.

To his wife Jean and his family  We Extend our Deepest Sympathy
Details of the Funeral Service will be advised later


We were saddened to learn of the death of SSgt Yeung Lak-hing Ricky 楊力興 (Force No. 18099610) on 05 April, 2019.
SSgt Yeung was enlisted in the Regiment at 1980 (Cadre 36) and served in C Squadron.

Funeral arrangement for last respect only.
Date :  04 May 2019 (Saturday)
Time : 1900 – 2100 hrs
Venue : Nim Yan Hall, 1/F Diamond Hill Funeral Parlour (address: 181 Po Kong Village Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon) 九龍鑽石山蒲崗村道181號,鑽石山殯儀館一字樓念恩堂

To his family, we extend our deepest sympathy.


Dart Competition 2019

Date :         26 April 2019 (Friday)
Time :        1800 - 2000 hours
Venue :       VA Clubhouse
Cost  :       $50 (one complimentary drink and light refreshment are included)  
Prize :         Cash Coupon
Participant:     Valid member of RHKRVA only

See details of event and fill in reply slip befoer 19 April, 2019.


The 165th Anniversary of Foundation Day Dinner

Our annual major function need your support. Members with their guests are welcome to join this traditional function.

See the attachment for details and filled in the reply slip with payment send to the Temporary Clubhouse Manager befoer 17 May, 2019 the latest.


Ceremony in memory of Late Maj. Graeme Large.

The Church service for Graeme Large as follows. 

Date : Sunday 7 April, 2019.

Time : 10:15am

Venue : Emmanuel Church, Bethanie, 139 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.

(Approach from Aberdeen - entrance through Vocational Training School; car parking available.)

Members of Regiment are welcome to attend.



We were saddened to learn of the death of Mr LAM Siu-wing Force No. 18111312 (Cadre 48)

on 21 March 2019 at Pok Oi Hospital

Mr Lam was enlisted in the Regiment and served in C Squadron 1 Troop.

Wake : - Date : Tuesday 16 April, 2019
Time : 1700 - 2100 hrs
Venue : 5/F., Universal Funeral Parlour (萬國殯儀館), Hunghom, Kowloon.

Last respect can be paid on Wednesday 17 April, 2019 at 9-10 am followed by cremation at Cape Collinson Crematorium.


To his family, we extend our deepest sympathy.


Clubhouse Opening

FromTuesday to Sunday (Monday Close)

Time from 12:00 noon to 20:00 hrs

Contact phone at Bar - (852) 29667881 or 29667896



Notice of Temporary Clubhouse Manager : See Attachment


Newsletter January 2019

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Newsletter July 2018

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2019 Membership Renewal - for the period of 1 January to 31 December 2019


Simply Download the Membership Reply form, fill in the information and post it. We shall process your renewal and issue a valid label to you within 2-week. 


Congratulation to the following members who were elected as Directors of the Board of The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association 2018/2019 at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

1)      Mr PAU Chi-leung, Joseph  (J012)
2)      Mr WAN Shun-shing  (B012)
3)      Mr CHENG Kin-moon  (RQ004)
4)      Mr MA Ka-lok, Simon  (B080)
5)      Mr  TO Chi-keung, Gary  (A030)
6)      Mr CHEUK Kin-lop, Kent  (A033)
7)      Mr WONG Ying-piu, Wilbur  (A160)
8)      Mr CHAN Man-wai  (A005)
9)      Mr FONG Heng-hou  (A051)
10)    Mr KAO Chun-keung  (A035)
11)    Mr LO Tit-koon  (A037)
12)    Mr LEE Wing-yiu, William  (C002)
13)    Mr YUEN Man-kam, Bernard  (D028)
14)    Mr LAI Ka-kui, Bernard  (HG021)
15)    Mr SIN Ting-kwong  (HQ091)

19 September 2018


Newsletter July 2018

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N E W S     U P D A T E :

"Parking for Clubhouse Members and Associate Members"

For details, please refer to the Circular.



The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association
Extraordinary General Meeting 2017

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 2017 First Extraordinary General Meeting of the members of The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association will be held at 9/F., Happy Valley Stand, Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong on Monday, 25th day of September 2017 at 7:00 p.m. (or in the event that a black rainstorm warning signal or a tropical cyclone warning signal no. 8 or above is in force in Hong Kong at 9:00 a.m. on that day, at the same time and place on Tuesday, 3rd day of October 2017 for the purpose of election of Directors.

For enquiries, please contact the Clubhouse Manager at phone no. 2966 7895 or email to

The following documents are attached herewith:
(a) Chairman's Letter;
(b) Form of Proxy;
(c) Nomination Form; and
(d) Notice of EGM.




Mr John MacKenzie - Chevalier de L'Ordre national de la Legion d'honneur

Dear Members,

We have received a message from Mrs Marian MacKenzie, informing us that her husband, Mr John MacKenzie, has been appointed to the rank of 'Chevalier de L'Ordre national de la Legion d'honneur' by H.E. the President of France. Mr John MacKenzie (now 89) joined the Army at Perth (Scotland) on his 18th Birthday and was engaged in infantry training on D-day 1944, completing this in December that year. In convoy from Tilbury in January, 1945 he was rescued when his troopship (HM-LST415) was torpedoed in the North Sea. He joined the 5/7th. Bn. Gordon Highlanders in Holland at Gennep, Reichswald Forest in February, 1945 and saw further action at Goch (Siegfried Line), the Rhine Crossing at Rees, and through northern Germany to Bremen and Bremerhaven where he marched in the Victory Parade of the 51st Highland Division on 12th. May, 1945. Post WW2 he served with the 2nd. Bn. Gordon Highlanders in Libya in 1946, received a commission in the Royal Artillery in 1947, and was demobilised in 1948. He joined the Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) in October 1954 and was re-commissioned in Hong Kong following the Korean Emergency and served with Royal Hong Kong Defence Force from 1954 until 1964, retiring with the rank of Captain, as O.C. Mortar Platoon. Mr John MacKenzie was a President of the Jaycees (1959) and of the Hong Kong Rotary Club (1975-76). He also served on the Hong Kong Urban Council from 1971 to 1980, and as a Justice of the Peace from 1973 to 1991.

The Secretary

The Volunteer Association is the successor to the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) following the disbandment of the Regiment on 3rd September 1995. All Volunteers who were members of the Regiment, the RHKVDC or the RHKAAF irrespective of rank are eligible to join. The Association has been granted a Club House in the Happy Valley Stand at the Jockey Club in Happy Valley. In this Club House there is a lounge and bar area where members meet.

The Association has been granted charitable status and it is run by a Board of Directors. The Board meets regularly to give policy direction to the affairs of the Association. A Club House Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the Association Rooms and is a point of contact with the Association.


The Association is also an umbrella organization for all other related clubs such as the Volunteer Shooting Club and the Volunteer Orienteering Club. These clubs run their own affairs charging a membership fee and annual subscriptions if they so elect.

The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association

Clubhouse Opening Hours : 1200 hrs to 2100 hrs daily (Except Monday)

Address : 9th Floor, Happy Valley Stand, Happy Valley Racecourse, Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Telephone Office : (852)2966 7895
Telephone Bar : (852)2966 7881, 29667896
Fax : (852)2966 7882
Email :
Website :
Mailing Address : P.O. Box 47296, Morrison Hill Post Office, Wanchai, Hong Kong.


Clubhouse Fixed Activities below are not accept any bookings except approval.
1.) Directors Meeting : 1st or 2nd Monday of each month
2.) A Squadron : 1st Thursday of each month
3.) B Squadron : 2nd Tuesday of each month
4.) D Squadron : 1st Tuesday of each month
5.) HG Squadron : 2nd Thursday of each month
6.) HQ Squadron : 2nd Friday of each month
7.) J Corp Old Boys : 1st Friday of each month
8.) C Squadron : 3rd Friday of each month
9.) VA Shooting Club : 3rd Thursday of each month
10.) 7 Up-Club : Last Friday of each month

11.) Monthly Gathering : 3rd Tuesday of each month